Overboard are the world leaders in waterproof cases and waterproof bags for beach, boat and whatever life throws at you. Their Waterproof Backpacks and waterproof duffels are used by athletes and sports people worldwide. Whether out at sea, in the pool or on the slopes Overboard waterproof iPhone and iPad cases keep it dry and protect the things you love the most.  


Overboard Product Video Guides

Waterproof iPad mini Case: Taking your iPad mini to the beach or onboard is now possible thanks to our fully Waterproof iPad mini Case. Dan shows you how.

Waterproof Dry Tube Bags: Dan and Annelies talk you through our range of Waterproof Dry Tube Bags, a super durable solution for boating and water sports.

Waterproof Duffle Bags: Our Waterproof Duffle Bags feature our handy Fold Seal System™ which makes them suitable for quick submersion. Find out more about their features here.

Waterproof Dry Flat Bags: Our Waterproof Dry Flat Bags are unique because they are very lightweight and still super-durable & totally waterproof. Dan & Annelies take you through the range.

Waterproof Backpacks: Our Waterproof Backpacks are a favourite amongst water sports enthusiasts. Learn about their features and how they work.

Waterproof Camera Cases: Annelies shows you how to turn your regular zoom lens camera into an underwater model with our Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case.

Waterproof Phone Cases: Find out how to keep your phone protected against water, sand dirt and dust in this video demonstration of our Small Waterproof Phone Cases.

Waterproof iPad Case: Taking your iPad to the beach or onboard is now possible thanks to our fully Waterproof iPad Case. Annelies shows you how.

Waterproof Multi-purpose Cases: Using the same Slide Seal System™ as our other waterproof tech cases, our Waterproof Multi-purpose Cases are opaque to hide valuables. Annelies talks you through the range.

Waterproof MP3 Cases & Headphones: This short video shows how our Waterproof MP3 Cases and Waterproof Headphones let you take your music out on the water with you!