Multipurpose Cases

Wasserdichte Mehrzwecktaschen
Taschen für die trockene und sichere Aufbewahrung von Schlüsseln, Dokumenten, Bargeld, Kreditkarten und Mobiltelefon.

There is now a waterproof case for anything, thanks to our multi-purpose cases.These handy waterproof cases do exactly what they say on the tin: providing a dry space for multiple applications. With different sizes available, we have a waterproof case for every need, from cash and keys all the way up to iPads.

Waterproof Waist Pack 3 litres | black

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Waterproof Rating 3   3 Litre   Product Can Handle Quick Submersion    Floats

Our Black Waterproof Waist Pack is the safe way to take small valuables out with you in wet conditions, featuring a handy roll top design for easy access and a removable dry mesh belt so you can strap it to your own belt or pack.

Made of environmentally friendly TPU, this waterproof waist bag seals tight with our trusty Fold Seal System™, making it suitable for quick submersion and it floats when dropped in water too. This means you can really go for it without messing up or losing your stuff!

Complete with a water-resistant front zip pocket and a side bottle holder, this is the perfect kit-carrying waist pack for boating, kayaking, cycling or walking.

  • 100% Waterproof main compartment (Class 3)
  • Suitable for quick submersion
  • Two-way sealing system (top or side)
  • Made of tough & durable 600D PVC tarpaulin
  • Front pocket with water resistant zip closure (Class 2)
  • Side 1 litre bottle holder, with tuck away zip pocket
  • Will float if dropped in water
  • Keeps out dust, sand, dirt and water

What's included:

    1 x Waterproof Waist Pack - Black
    1 x Removable Dry Mesh Belt ( Fits up to 49" Waist )
    1 x Carabineer clip
    1 x Instructions / Care Guide

    Height: 13 cm
    Width: 19 cm
    Depth: 7.5 cm
    Capacity: 3 Litres
    Weight: 0.32 kg

    Waterproof Arm Pack - Pro-Sports, black

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    Class 5 - Guaranteed Submersible Down to 6mFloats if Dropped in Water when Correctly SealedSimple to use Slide Seal System™
    Comfortable 100% waterproof Arm Pack perfect for storing your phone, keys, cash and credit cards.

    Supplied with neoprene Velcro sports arm strap and neck lanyard. 
    Comfortable 100% waterproof Arm Pack suitable for all sports and activities - especially those on the water.

    Constructed from .42mm soft matte PVC, and seals tight with our Slide Seal System™ .


     100% Waterproof (Class 5)
     Floats safely if dropped in water
     Guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m
     Keeps out dust, sand and dirt
     Supplied with neoprene Velcro sports arm strap, neck lanyard and desiccant sachet
     Perfect for storing your phone, keys, cash and credit cards

    Waterproof Multipurpose Case

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    Waterproof Rating 5   Product Is Submersible Down To 6ft / 19M    Floats

    Got stuff? Take it onboard or to the beach fully protected in our large OverBoard Multipurpose Waterproof Case, perfect for protecting passports, first aid kits, keys, wallets, inhalers and medium-sized tech like cameras or e-book readers.

    Thanks to our 4-clip Slide Seal System™, the case is 100% waterproof, guaranteed submersible to 6m / 19ft and will float when dropped in the water; making it an essential bit of kit for any beach-goer or water-sports lover.

    This large waterproof case also protects valuables & gadgets from sand, dirt & dust and thanks to a semi-opaque Seal Grey front and back; contents are hard to make out, keeping nimble-fingered thieves at bay.

    Keep it all dry; stick it in an OverBoard waterproof case.

    • 100% waterproof case (Class 5)
    • Floats safely if dropped in water
    • Guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m
    • Keeps out dust, sand, dirt and water
    • Made of environmentally-friendly biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
    • Perfect for eBook readers, keys, wallets, passport, first aid kits, inhalers and medium-sized gadgets

    What's included:

        1 x Large Waterproof Multipurpose Case
        1 x Fully Adjustable Shoulder Strap
        1 x Carabineer Clip
        3 x Moisture Sensitive Desiccant Sachets
        1 x Instructions / Care Guide