Overboard - keep dry !




Overboard Product Video Guides

Waterproof iPad mini Case: Taking your iPad mini to the beach or onboard is now possible thanks to our fully Waterproof iPad mini Case. Dan shows you how.

Waterproof Dry Tube Bags: Dan and Annelies talk you through our range of Waterproof Dry Tube Bags, a super durable solution for boating and water sports.

Waterproof Duffle Bags: Our Waterproof Duffle Bags feature our handy Fold Seal System™ which makes them suitable for quick submersion. Find out more about their features here.

Waterproof Dry Flat Bags: Our Waterproof Dry Flat Bags are unique because they are very lightweight and still super-durable & totally waterproof. Dan & Annelies take you through the range.

Waterproof Backpacks: Our Waterproof Backpacks are a favourite amongst water sports enthusiasts. Learn about their features and how they work.

Waterproof Camera Cases: Annelies shows you how to turn your regular zoom lens camera into an underwater model with our Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case.

Waterproof Phone Cases: Find out how to keep your phone protected against water, sand dirt and dust in this video demonstration of our Small Waterproof Phone Cases.

Waterproof iPad Case: Taking your iPad to the beach or onboard is now possible thanks to our fully Waterproof iPad Case. Annelies shows you how.

Waterproof Multi-purpose Cases: Using the same Slide Seal System™ as our other waterproof tech cases, our Waterproof Multi-purpose Cases are opaque to hide valuables. Annelies talks you through the range.

Waterproof MP3 Cases & Headphones: This short video shows how our Waterproof MP3 Cases and Waterproof Headphones let you take your music out on the water with you!